Mi Tierra ENG


If you missed the campaign, do not worry.

We will continue the campaign at Verkami  here

http://www.verkami.com/projects/14591-mi-tierra-nueva-era-segunda-edicion/ (Starts on Tuesday – March 22 – at 9 am)

One of our partners gave us an idea, why not continue the campaign to continue unlocking goals? We thought it was an excellent idea. That way all our sponsors at Kickstarter may henceforth have more stretch goals unlocked for free (without any extra effort). So that is what we would do.

Of course, as our sponsors at Kickstarter are those who made this project a reality, the preferential price is only for Kickstarter and prices in Verkami will be a little higher. The campaign in Verkami starts on Tuesday 22 at 9 am.

We are a small company so this will be a limited edition financed by this KickStarter.

There will be some copies remaining after the fulfillment of all our backers because of the minimum production quote, but it will be selling at MSRP 55 usd or more, and if we ever produce additional copies they will be more expensive and without the stretch goals modules. This KickStarter have almost a distribution price. Kickstarter copies found at stores have been bought during the campaign.

The leftover copies will be sold through Funagain here, (but will only be available after sending all the copies to our backers).


I will be sending survey asking all the information for my backers

 You can contact us at “Aldebaran Games at Gmail”

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